Friday, August 04, 2006


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a treasury of the greatest love songs of the century DYNA HOUSE RECORDS (1969)

1. steve lawrence - more

2. robert goulet - what now my love

3. johnny mathis - love is blue

4. michel legrand - i love paris
5. anita bryant - as long as he needs me
6. tony bennett - shadow of your smile
7. yves montand - c'est le bon
8. doeis day - be mine tonight
9. jim nabors - quando caliente et sol
10. vic damone - just say i love her
11. jerry vale - granada
12. johnny mathis - spanish eyes
13. steve lawrence - girl from ipanema
14. briarcliff strings - zorba's dance
15. bobby hackett - cherry pink
16. brothers 4 - yellow bird
17. maurice chevalier - thank heavens...(french version)
18. ray conniff - never on sunday
19. percy faith - jealousy
20. robert goulet - lover forgive me


Onzichtbaredj said...

Hi rangeraver,
Could you possibly share a list of contribuents?
Would like to know where I am listening to, if possible?

Onzichtbaredj said...

Thanks Rangeraver.
Only nr. 9 quando caliente el sol.
I would be very pleased to have it.
It was not in my download.
Sorry for bothering once more.
If you like it I can offer an Italian version of the song, unfortunately not the original so far.

RangeRaver said...

well spotted OB DJ - track 9 is there - when I was recording the album I let track 8 run on. - play track 8 track 9 comes on right after it - sorry for being so slack with that one